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Meet André G. Travieso

André G. Travieso is the owner and founder of Travieso Law. With every client, André’s plan of action is simple - deliver a knock out. Travieso Law is an established and premier law firm in New York and New Jersey. Travieso Law has created a distinctive niche by emphasizing personalized service, accessibility, transparency and unprecedented support for clients.


Our Criminal Defense practice combines experience, dedication and commitment to protect those charged with criminal offenses in the diverse communities in the New York metropolitan area, including Bergen, Passaic and Essex Counties in New Jersey. Our attorneys are respected in the legal community for our aggressive representation of our clients. Learn more here>>
Regardless of guilt or innocence, persons suspected or accused of a crime are guaranteed rights under the Constitution. At Travieso Law, our criminal defense lawyers thoroughly review police procedures to identify any violations of our client’s rights. Whether it involves a pat-down on the subway, search of your car, or surveillance of your apartment, any evidence or testimony collected in violation of your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights may be inadmissible in a court of law.Learn more here>>
Due to the large number of arrests related to drugs and narcotics, those arrested are often encouraged by the DA’s office to plead guilty to charges they may or may not be guilty of – all in order to ease the burden on the court’s docket and the DA’s office. Unfortunately, most people accused of drug offenses fail to realize that future job opportunities, eligibility for financial aid, or housing applications can be adversely affected by even the most minor drug conviction. At Travieso Law, we advise and inform clients of the consequences before they plead guilty or attempt to negotiate a lesser charge. Aggressive and thorough in defending our clients’ rights, we understand how the legal system works and how to best advise our clients to avoid becoming a victim of it. Learn more here>>
Violent crimes such as attempted murder and armed robbery resonate with the public in New York and New Jersey. Fear of these crimes may lead many people to believe that anyone charged with a violent crime must be guilty. At Travieso Law, we recognize that being charged with a violent crime, being guilty of a violent crime, and being convicted of a violent crime are all completely separate matters. All of our lawyers are committed to providing insightful legal advice and aggressive legal representation from arraignment through trial. Our firm has the experience to represent clients charged with violent crimes in state, federal, and juvenile proceedings. Learn more here>>
Contracts are drafted to secure the future and to protect businesses from uncertainty. Understanding how to enhance your business while avoiding potential legal vulnerabilities requires experienced legal counsel informed by corporate experience. At the Manhattan law office of Travieso Law our contract attorneys provide companies with careful analyses and evaluation of contract terms and conditions regulating business operations. Taking full advantage of negotiation and mediation when necessary, we identify what is in your business’s best interest given where you are today and where you would like to be tomorrow.Learn more here>>
As an athlete or artist, understanding how to protect your rights and your interests is important when questions arise regarding contracts and royalties. At the New York law office of Travieso Law [link to Attorney Profile page], we recognize that an athlete’s or performer’s talent is their most important marketing and financial asset. As your lawyer, we carefully review the terms and conditions of any contract and represent your interest during any negotiations or talks with agents, radio stations, recording studios, or television broadcasters. Our experience in representing boxers, baseball players, various recording artists, reality show stars and authors provides us with the kind of familiarity and knowledge of the sports and entertainment world necessary to ensure your interests are always protected.Learn more here>>
As part of Travieso Law’s corporate practice, we handle both domestic and international corporate transactions in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean by providing clients assistance with financing, corporate governance, corporate formation, bilingual contracts and interpreting international regulations and operation laws. The firm represents start-up companies with strategic issues, venture capital financing, corporate formation and matters related to the board of directors. Our lawyers draft and negotiate a wide range of commercial contracts, including sponsorship, partnership, licensing and vendor agreements. Mr. Travieso negotiates and drafts management, production and promotional agreements for professional boxers, professional baseball players, authors, reality show stars and film makers.Learn more here>>
Understanding how to organize your business requires consideration of potential legal liabilities, tax issues, and insurance matters. At Travieso Law [link to Attorney Profile page], we partner with clients in developing business formation strategies custom-designed to meet your business needs. Consulting with tax experts and insurance professionals in regard to indemnification and insurance coverage, we analyze and discuss the pros and cons associated with different kinds of business entities. Preventing problems before they arise, our business law attorneys are committed to saving clients money while strengthening their position within the marketplace.Learn more here>>
Real estate transactions often represent significant investment for businesses and individuals. At the New York law office of Travieso Law we work one-on-one with clients to ensure their real estate transactions are legally secure and in order. Whether we’re conducting title searches, reviewing the terms and conditions of a sale or helping clients secure financial backing, our real estate lawyers conduct all the necessary research and preparation related to your transaction. Committed to facilitating cost-effective, efficient real estate deals, we have the resources necessary to ensure that your deal is completed without a hitchLearn more here>>
For many small businesses, private citizen and corporations, the question now is not whether to use social media in its business, but how. There are a variety of challenges and pitfalls that anyone can face when navigation the changing waters of social media both private and professional. Travieso Law helps see you through the complex layers of social media law and policy. With an expertise in privacy, labor, corporate and criminal law, the team pulls from decades of experience to assist in the most sensitive social media cases. Learn more here>>


“There is never a doubt about who is in your corner when you’re represented by Andre Travieso.  He explores all avenues and finds the best resolution for his clients.”

Oni Taffe

“I have used André Travieso two times on criminal cases in New York & New Jersey. Both cases were dismissed & I never went to jail. He is a great lawyer.”

Criminal Defense Client

“I used Travieso Law to buy my first home. I was really worried when it all started but Mr. Travieso guided me through everything & the purchase was easy.”

Alicia Cherry

"The Law Firm of Andre G Travieso, Esq. has consistently provided outstanding Tax efficient business client legal services in successful navigation of all business concerns.” 

R. John Smith, Esq.

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